Helen Chang 6th Grade, Ethan Allen Elementary

“HT Learning Center helped me get better test scores and helped me keep up what I would do in 6th grade. I went to HT in summer and they taught me how to do better in Math, English, and Writing. Before, I came my Math, English, and Writing weren’t better than other kids in my class.  Now, when I started coming here, I’ve been getting 3s and 4s on my writing.  I recommend other students to come to Ht Learning Center because it is one of the life challenging experience for me.”


Michelle Nguyen 8th Grade, McGarvin Middle School

“I have been going to HT Learning Centers for a few years now. I’ve also been in their summer school program and throughout the years, they’ve helped me a lot. The tutors are very talented and smart. There are a variety of teachers so you get all the help you need.  Not only they help you with your weak subjects, they also prepare you for tests, or upcoming classes if you’re in the summer program.”

Ryan Nguyen (parents of Ethan and Aidan Nguyen)

“I just wanted to share with parents the positive experience my son Ethan has at HT Learning center. He told me he had learned so much from his 8th grade English teacher at HT learning Center. He said that this was by far his best English teacher. This is saying a lot from a kid who did not want to go to tutoring during the summer. Aside from teaching from the curriculum, this teacher offered his students tip and hints on how to do well in 8th grade English (e.g., what 8th grade English teachers are looking for in writing compositions, how to do well on standardized exams, etc.). He now has an A in English at school. I am very grateful that HT has such highly qualified teachers and staff”

Christopher Nguyen 10th Grade

“I’ve been going to HT several years now. Every year gets better and better. I tend to enroll during the summer program, but once and a while I am in the regular program. During the regular program, they always have 4 or less students per tutor. Every time you get there, they would ask you what class you need help with. They would then put you with the tutor that is specialized in that subject. You can also request to be with a certain tutor depending on what you need help with. When the students finish their work, they are given more work. This is not a bad thing. It keeps us students busy and from distracting others. The additional work often helps us get ahead of classes. In some cases, one of us will need to do a research paper or some project. They have internet access and some computers with Microsoft word, powerpoint, etc depending on what I need. The administrators of HT check up on the students from time to time. They make sure the students get their work done and are making good grades. During the summer program, they divide up students based on what math and language class you are taking that year in school. They have two locations which helps a lot! I tend to go to the one in Garden Grove, but once in a while I’ll go to the one in Westminster. The summer program lasts a few weeks but gets a lot of information in. The teachers teach you and try to help us learn the material. If you need help, you can ask the teacher. The teacher will give you a syllabus and a schedule that they will try to keep. You can call the teacher or email the teacher when you need help. The teacher also gives weekly assessments to see how we are doing. HT really has been a great help for me. Currently, I’m in the 10th grade. I’m also top of my class. Thanks to HT, I make straight A’s. Within the first 2-4 weeks of the summer session, I am ahead of the class by a whole semester! I plan on going to HT for years to come. Thanks HTLC!”

Dennis Nguyen 12th grade, Irvine High School

“I received help with both the SAT reasoning test and the SAT subject test.  Previously I went to another learning center which offered an SAT prep class and they did not do a good job. Unlike here, their staff was apathetic to the students and the classes were crowded. After that experience, I only received 1780 on the SAT. When I went to HT, the classes were more personal. There were only three kids situated in one class. The teacher was able to focus on me more and help me with my individual issues.  After taking classes at  HT, I received 2000 on the SAT. I loved the experience so much that I went back again to study for the SAT Literature test. After another happy experience, I received a 720 on the SAT Literature test which is equivalent to 800 points. Thanks to HT Learning Center I received great scores on my test, and I`m preparing for a great future. I recommend HT Learning Centers to any future students preparing for college.

Christine Nguyen, Columbia University 2nd Year

“When I needed to prepare for entrance exams for Columbia University’s Post Baccalaureate Program for Pre-Medicine, I looked to this particular tutoring place
and was pleasantly pleased. I had recently graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), with a B.A. in History. My last math experience had been pre-calculus during my first year in college and to say the least, I was very rusty. With the help of my tutor Huy, I was quickly brought up to speed within 6 hours spread over a weeks time.

Being a graduate from UCLA and having grown up in Orange County, I have seen my fair share of tutors and I rate Huy at the top of my list, especially for the price you pay at HT. He wants you to understand the material and succeed, which are very important when it comes to math. It takes a mature student to work hard and work past their comfort levels to really succeed.”

Nancy Nguyen 12th grade, La Quinta High School

“I went to HTLC for 3.5 years – during the school year and during summers – and I have to say that it’s one of the most beneficial experiences I ever had yet. The caring tutors, the friendly staff, the atmosphere of the entire place – I love everything and everyone at this place. Being the avid AP and honor student I am, I literally stressed out every day over school, and the tutors at HTLC definitely relieved some of my stress. The tutors helped me differentiate calculus equations, find velocities of falling objects, memorize the dates for my world history class, correct my essays for my English honors class – there was literally a tutor for every subject. I was never denied help nor was there a tutor (you will never find a tutor at HT without a Bachelor’s Degree) that didn’t know about his/her subject.

Thanks to the tutors, I was able to successfully get high marks on my tests. During the summer, the teachers at HTLC also helped me prep for my incoming classes, and if it wasn’t for their preparation, I would not feel as prepared for my AP and honor classes. I definitely recommend this tutoring center to any struggling or advanced student!”