Our instructors are primarily local school teachers with teaching credentials or have at least 4 years of bachelor education. Elementary school (K-6th grade) teachers must have been admitted into a teaching credentialing program which normally require that they pass three CSETs (CA Subject Examination for Teachers). We do not consider individuals who only possess a CBEST (CA Basic Exam Skills Test) as a “credentialed teacher.” We also have instructors with Masters and doctorate degrees. All of our instructors are qualified, experienced, caring, responsible, professional, trained, dedicated and carefully screened.

We are proud to present some of our instructors (see below).  We encourage you to ask about your teacher’s background, which school they are currently teaching and view their teaching credentials when you visit our office.

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Members of the Board of Advisors are supporters and friends of HT Learning Center who have volunteered to provide support, advice and assistance to staff and as well as students regarding their educational and career goals.

Nhu Van Truong, M.D., U.S.C.
Lisa Mallozzi, B.A., Harvard College
Martha Welch, M.D., Harvard College (B.A.)
George Dyer, M.D. Harvard College (B.A.)
Kristen Jordan, B.A., Harvard College
Lauren Hoa Truong, D.D.S., Tufts Univ.
Herbert Rosenzweig, Pharm.D. Columbia Univ.
Nikolas Matthes, M.H.S., M.D., Ph.D., Oxford Univ. and Johns Hopkins Univ.

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What People Say

“I just wanted to share with parents the positive experience my son Ethan has at HT Learning center. He told me he had learned so much from his 8th grade English teacher at HT learning Center. He said that this was by far his best English teacher. This is saying a lot from a kid who did not want to go to tutoring during the summer. Aside from teaching from the curriculum, this teacher offered his students tip and hints on how to do well in 8th grade English (e.g., what 8th grade English teachers are looking for in writing compositions, how to do well on standardized exams, etc.). He now has an A in English at school. I am very grateful that HT has such highly qualified teachers and staff”

Ryan Nguyen (parent of Ethan and Aidan Nguyen)

“I went to HTLC for 3.5 years – during the school year and during summers – and I have to say that it’s one of the most beneficial experiences I ever had yet. The caring tutors, the friendly staff, the atmosphere of the entire place – I love everything and everyone at this place. Being the avid AP and honor student I am, I literally stressed out everyday over school, and the tutors at HTLC definitely relieved some of my stress. The tutors helped me differentiate calculus equations, find velocities of falling objects, memorize the dates for my world history class, correct my essays for my English honors class – there was literally a tutor for every subject. I was never denied from help nor was there a tutor (you will never find a tutor at HT without a Bachelor’s Degree) that didn’t know about his/her subject. Thanks to the…

Nancy Nguyen 12th grade, La Quinta

“I have been going to HT Learning Center for a few years now. I’ve also been in their summer school program and throughout the years, they’ve helped me a lot. The tutors are very talented and smart. There are a variety of teachers so you get all the help you need. Not only they help you with your weak subjects, they also prepare you for tests, or upcoming classes if you’re in the summer program.”

Michelle Nguyen 8th McGarvin
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