Why Us?

Why Choose
 HT Learning Centers?

1) We only assign 4 students per instructor, PLUS we have 2-3 roaming tutors to provide additional support and reinforcement, because on some days, they require extra attention.

2) Parents are welcome to talk to current students and or parents who are willing to serve as a reference regarding their academic success and progress at HT Learning Center. This way you can talk to actual people who received our tutoring services and are knowledgeable of our Center’s operation.

3) We enforce a “strict” learning environment, where we do not allow students to talk to each other, listen to music, use cell phones, or other distracting activities so that students can maximize studying and learning time. Students must follow the Center’s rules that aim to promote education, character and respect. Of course, teachers do try to make each session enjoyable so that students will feel motivated to learn.

4) We assign the appropriate teacher with each student depending on the subject and grade level because we realize that every teacher has his/her own specialty and experience with specific grade levels. We spend time customizing each and every assignment.  You will never have an instructor teaching Calculus and English or 5th grade and 12th grade at the same time.  The teachers have a set of questions they are required to ask students each day and they write this information on the whiteboards to keep track of their students. Questions include: what upcoming tests/quizzes do you have and when, what difficult homework must be completed, hat are your current weak subjects, what do you need to work on today, etc.   With this information the tutor can help students prioritize and manage their study time. For young students, questions are directed to parents.

5) We understand you want the best tutor for your child so we have very high expectations of teachers. Instructors with a minimum bachelor’s degree,extensive tutoring experience, ability to develop a rapport with students, and record of student improvement are minimal requirements.  The majority of the instructors already possess a teaching credential which is verifiable at California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, http://www.ctc.ca.gov. Our teachers understand that they will not be assigned any students if they do not meet parents’ expectations such as student improvement or do not adhere to our Teachers’ Guidelines. We solicit feedback and evaluation from students so tutors may adjust their teaching approaches where appropriate. 

6) Every student has his/her own file where teachers write in the log notes about each student’s daily activity.  This way the principal and parents can keep track of student progress, their behavior, etc. Parents are welcome to read the files and also submit their own “feedback” forms.

7) We do not require a semester or yearly contract so that if you are not satisfied with our services, you are not obligated to continue after the first month is over. We want you to be 100% satisfied and we want to maintain a long term respectable reputation.