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  • HT Learning Center is founded and daily operated by Dr. Kris Nhan Truong, an educator, researcher, and graduate of Harvard (B.A.) and Johns Hopkins (Ph.D.).  She and her team of teachers will discuss with you a customized plan to help your child improve in reading and writing.
  • Your child is offered a free diagnostic ELA test and academic counseling and guidance.
  • Tutoring rates are low and affordable.  We believe supplemental education should be available for all socioeconomic backgrounds. 
  • Dr. Truong will volunteer to meet with your child’s teacher at his/her school to go over past tests, assignments, and discuss extra credit, re-take exams, study guides and steps for improvement. Our teachers also communicate with your child’s school teacher regarding his/her progress and weekly check their grades online.
  • HT Learning Center has the honor of being awarded contracts with over 15 school districts to provide reading tutoring to their enrolled students as a State Approved Supplemental Education Services (SES) Provider.  
  • HT Learning Center has successfully served more than 3,000 students in Orange County in the last 14 years, most are through parent referrals!

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Testimonials (Please feel free to request to talk to any of our parents):

“HT helps me a lot. The tutors here are really nice and kind. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to understand anything. Dr. Marc helps me with reading and writing. I am very grateful and glad that I found HT because without it, I would be struggling with my education.”  Linh T.

“HT Learning Center helped me get better test scores and helped me keep up what I would do in 6th grade. I went to HT in summer and they taught me how to do better in Math, English, and Writing. Before, I came my Math, English, and Writing weren’t better than other kids in my class.  Now, when I started coming here, I’ve been getting 3s and 4s on my writing.  I recommend other students to come to Ht Learning Center because it is one of the life challenging experience for me.” Helen C.

“HT Learning Center has been a tremendous help in helping me improve my grades. The tutors here are very nice and give a lot of their attention to the students. I am grateful that my parents has enrolled me here at HT Learning Center.” Emily D.

“I’ve been coming here for both tutoring and summer classes on and off since 7th grade and it’s always very helpful! This has been my go-to tutoring places for years and I highly recommend it.”  Joanna C.

“My 2 sons (1 middle school & 1 high school) have gone to HT since elementary school. Thanks to the tutors (many are credentialed teachers and college graduates) my sons have been consistently getting great grades. Aside from helping your kids to complete their homework, the tutors will also quiz them for exams. When I pick them up, I know everything is done, and I don’t have to worry. But don’t take my word for it. Just give it a try, and you’ll see improvements in your kids’ grades. Also, the administrators are very accommodating. They will work with you.”  Ryan N.

“HT Learning Center is a great place for tutoring. I have been coming here for three years and all the tutors are very helpful. Currently, I am in high school and going to tutoring here really improves my grades! I definitely recommend this tutoring center for all seeking educational help.” Krystine B.

“Both our daughters have used HT Learning at different times during Jr High and in High School. They have both felt it was valuable and worthwhile. It really helped a lot with prep for important exams as well as keeping up in some more difficult classes. In Jr high they also went through a very good summer program that helped a lot with the next year classes. They have great instructors who know their subjects very will, and seem to take a real interest with kids individual progress. Its a real good place for tutoring.” Steve M.

“The tutors are super helpful and friendly and going here has also helped me with my study habits, as I now finish homework much earlier than I used to. I would definitely recommend HTLC to anyone that is looking for a good tutoring center!”  Katelynn L.

“HT Learning Center is such an amazing place for tutoring! I’ve been coming here for years, and almost all of the tutors are really helpful.”  Chris N.

“HT Learning Center provides a helpful environment for students to come and learn. The tutors are well-educated and know what they are doing. Currently, I am a student in middle-school and HT Learning Center has helped me in subjects I struggled in. I 100% recommend this tutoring center for students whom are struggling in school. “ Joshua N.

“Through out my days here, the tutors have helped with my homework and to understand subjects that I might be lacking in. They have really raised up my grades. “  Monica N.

We only assign 4 students per instructor, PLUS we have 2-3 roaming tutors to provide additional support and reinforcement, because on some days, they require extra attention.
We assign the appropriate teacher with each student depending on the subject and grade level because we realize that every teacher has his/her own specialty and experience with specific grade levels.
We do not require a semester or yearly contract!

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